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Aiming to craft a modern community harmoniously interwoven with the lush embrace of natural greenery, Green Community Dubai Investments Park stands as a testament to the aspiration of enriching human lives. This remarkable community seamlessly weaves together residential and commercial spaces, complemented by an array of facilities and amenities that ensure a holistic and thriving living experience. Among the offerings are retail units, children’s play areas, essential utilities, verdant parks, ample parking spaces, and an array of leisure attractions, all carefully designed to bring forth the best possible living environment.

Properties Investment LLC, the visionary force behind this vibrant community, is a joint venture in which Dubai Investments holds a 70% stake and Union Properties PJSC holds the remaining 30%. Established in 2002, Properties Investment is a dynamic entity that specializes in the investment and development of real estate properties, bringing a wealth of expertise that spans across every phase of the development cycle. Their capabilities encompass Sales, Development, Asset Management, Property Acquisitions, Planning, and Construction, thereby ensuring the success and sustainability of their ventures.

Among the most notable projects undertaken by Properties Investment is the creation of the iconic Green Community and the exquisite Courtyard by Marriott within the sprawling expanse of Dubai Investments Park (DIP). These projects exemplify the commitment to quality, innovation, and excellence that define Properties Investment’s approach to real estate development.


Area features

Green Community Dubai Investments Park stands as a testament to the aspiration of enriching human lives.

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Green Residential Development

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Stunning Views

Luxurious apartments with breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf.

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Easy access.

Seamless Connectivity

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Maritime Lifestyle

Embracing the maritime lifestyle.

Available Projects

fromAED 3,600,000

Explore 9 townhouses available for sale in Green Community with detailed maps and photos on mullerandco.com. Take advantage of Installment Payment Plans.

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