sellers guide

Sellers Guide

You've decided it's time to sell your property in Dubai. Congratulations, that's a big step. But now you probably have a million questions running through your mind. How do I price it right? What's the best way to market it? How long will it take to sell? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

sellers guide

We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to selling real estate in Dubai to walk you through the process step by step. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll feel confident and ready to get your place on the market. Selling property anywhere can be complicated, but Dubai has some unique factors to consider.

How to Price Your Dubai Property Competitively

Check recent selling prices of comparable properties in your area
Asking too much will turn off potential buyers, while too little means you’re leaving money on the table.
Consider property features
like number of bedrooms, amenities, views, age and overall condition. Newer, higher-end units in desirable locations with extras like pools or gyms can command top dollar.
Factor in market conditions and trends
Dubai’s market has seen ups and downs, so price according to the current climate. When demand is high and inventory low, you have more leverage to ask a premium price.
Don’t get emotional
As hard as it is, detach yourself from the property’s sentimental value. Base your asking price solely on the facts of the market.
Be willing to negotiate
Expect buyers to counteroffer, so build in some wiggle room. Stay open to reasonable offers to make a deal. Some money off the asking price is better than no sale at all!

Preparing Your Dubai Property for Sale

Clean and de-clutter
Do a deep clean of the entire place and get rid of excess furniture and knickknacks. Buyers want to envision their own belongings in the space.
Make necessary repairs
Fix any minor damage or issues like leaky faucets, stuck doors or windows, or cracks in the walls. These small fixes will help your place show well.
Consider upgrades
Some modern upgrades to kitchens, bathrooms or flooring can increase your selling price. But keep it simple - a new backsplash or hardware can go a long way.
Enhance curb appeal
Ensure the exterior is clean and the lawn is freshly mowed or landscaped. Add some potted plants or fresh paint on the front door to make a great first impression.
Stage to impress
If needed, consider hiring a home stager to artfully arrange your furniture and decor to maximize space and flow. Staging helps buyers visualize the potential and can lead to a higher offer.
Price it right
Do research on recently sold comparable properties in your neighborhood to determine a fair asking price. Price it at market value to generate the most interest from serious buyers.

Marketing Your Dubai Property

Online Listings
Promoting your property on leading real estate websites is key. List on Dubai Property Finder, they dominate online searches. Upload professional photos, include a captivating description highlighting any upgrades or amenities.
Local Publications
Advertise in publications targeting Dubai’s diverse communities. Try 7 Days, Gulf News, and Emirates Woman for print ads. Some magazines and newspapers also have property supplements promoting high-end homes.
Social Media Marketing
Social media is essential for maximizing exposure. Post photos and details on Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, and Twitter. Engage with commenters and share updates to stay at the top of followers’ feeds. Pay to promote key posts to a wider audience.
For Rent Signage
For maximum visibility, install an eye-catching “For Rent” sign outside the property with your contact information.

Negotiating the Best Deal

Know Your Property's Value
Do your research to determine a fair asking price for your property based on its specific features and the current Dubai real estate market. Check recent selling prices of comparable listings in your area to make sure you’re not over- or undervaluing your home. Be prepared to negotiate, but don’t go below a price you’d be satisfied with.
Consider Offers Carefully
Once you start receiving offers from interested buyers, evaluate each one objectively. Don’t just accept the highest bid—consider other factors like the buyer’s ability to close quickly, flexibility to accommodate your desired move-out date, and overall trustworthiness.
Negotiate Effectively
When countering offers or negotiating final details, remain professional and courteous. Focus on interests, not positions. Explain your reasoning for requesting a higher price or different terms, and try to understand the other party’s perspective as well. Be willing to compromise when possible to reach an agreement you’re both happy with. But don’t feel pressured into accepting an offer you’re not comfortable with—you can always continue marketing your home to find another interested buyer.

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