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This forward-thinking company, established in the year 2002, has garnered recognition and respect in the real estate industry for its focused commitment to investing in and developing exceptional properties. It primarily specializes in the creation of residential and recreational projects, striving to enhance the fabric of communities through its innovative and well-executed developments.

One of the standout attributes of Properties Investment is its holistic approach, which spans across all phases of the development cycle. This comprehensive expertise encompasses Sales, Development, Asset Management, Property Acquisitions, Planning, and Construction, ensuring a top-tier experience for its clients and partners.

Among the company’s notable achievements and projects, two jewels stand out: the iconic Green Community and the exquisite Courtyard by Marriott, both nestled within the sprawling expanse of Dubai Investments Park (DIP). These endeavors are testaments to the company’s unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and excellence in the field of real estate development.

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