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They believe in putting consumers first, designing places that inspire happy, healthy, and active lives within beautiful surroundings. Their boutique projects create close-knit, private communities where like-minded individuals can connect and flourish.

Taraf Holding’s portfolio of residences offers exceptional quality, elevated experiences, and contemporary lifestyles, thanks to outstanding lifestyle amenities and luxury services. They are highly selective in choosing their projects, ensuring unmatched excellence for their clients.

One of their core values is a commitment to architecture and design excellence. Their properties are iconic and design-led, featuring thoughtful layouts and elegant spaces executed with meticulous attention to detail. Each property is carefully planned to ensure a timeless appeal and a seamless living experience for their residents.

Taraf Holding’s unique approach and dedication to creating extraordinary properties have made them a highly sought-after real estate company in the UAE, providing people with exceptional places to call home and live their best lives.


fromAED 7,000,000

Luce Apartments are situated in the highly prestigious Palm Jumeirah, renowned for its luxurious lifestyle. Which is developed by Taraf Holding.
Handover image Q1 2026
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