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Their first project was in Abu Dhabi, and since then, they have been growing steadily. Now, they have several companies under the name Reportage Properties LLC. Their main goal is to create sustainable housing solutions, delivering properties that offer great value and are completed on time. They want to provide you with a home that feels just right like you truly belong.

Their mission is to become one of the most trusted real estate companies in the UAE. They want to develop cost-effective homes and expand their business globally by collaborating with international partners.

What makes them unique is that they handle everything “in-house.” This means they take care of everything from assessing land, acquiring it, planning, designing, and construction. They have efficient management teams overseeing their diverse project portfolio, ensuring consistency and optimal results in their work.


fromAED 1,200,000

Bianca Townhouses, a recent project by Reportage Properties, offers 2, 3, and 4 bedroom townhouses situated in the City of Arabia within Dubailand.
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