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Dubai Water Canal is a remarkable and transformative project that has reshaped the landscape of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This iconic waterway spans a length of approximately 3.2 kilometers, extending from the Dubai Creek in Old Dubai to the Arabian Gulf. With its stunning design and strategic location, the Dubai Water Canal symbolizes modernity and urban development. The canal is a result of extensive engineering and construction efforts involving the excavation of a waterway through the heart of the city. 

A major aspect of the Dubai Water Canal is its mesmerizing water flow system. The canal is designed to accommodate tidal movements, ensuring a constant water flow. This adds to the aesthetic appeal and improves the overall water quality, making it suitable for various activities such as boating and kayaking. The canal is flanked by picturesque walkways and cycling paths, providing pedestrians and cyclists a serene and inviting environment. Lined with lush greenery and beautiful landscaping, the canal offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city. Visitors can enjoy leisurely strolls, jog along the paths, or simply relax while admiring the panoramic views.

Dubai Water Canal features several iconic bridges that serve as architectural masterpieces. The most renowned of these is the Sheikh Zayed Road Waterfall Bridge, which spans across the canal and offers a stunning visual display of cascading waterfalls. This bridge has become a popular spot for photography and is an iconic landmark of the canal.

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Available Projects

fromAED 18,000,000

One Canal by AHS Properties is an upcoming project in Dubai Water Canal, promising a modern and sophisticated living experience.
Handover image Q4 2024

fromAED 21,307,000

Damac Properties is proud to unveil Cavalli Couture, offering exceptionally luxurious 3, 4, and 5-bedroom apartments situated along the Dubai Water Canal.
Handover image Q4 - 2026

fromAED 20,000,000

Experience luxury living at Casa Canal by AHS Properties. Stunning waterfront views and modern design combine in these exclusive residential complexes.
Handover image Q4 of 2025

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