About Dubai Sports City

Dubai Sports City embodies the visionary collaboration of two esteemed UAE entrepreneurs, Abdul Rahim Al Zarooni and Abdulrahman Falaknaz. Their combined expertise in construction, retail, and real estate is harmoniously intertwined with a profound passion for the sporting lifestyle. At its core, Dubai Sports City is not just a development; it’s a celebration of life as the ultimate sport.

From the very inception, the objective of Dubai Sports City has been to forge a thriving and inclusive community that transcends the present and paves the way for countless generations to come. The commitment to environmental sustainability is at the forefront of our mission. As a testament to this, we have adopted the Dubai Government’s initiative to mitigate carbon emissions. To this end, we have illuminated our master communities with solar-powered street lighting, embracing eco-friendly practices. Furthermore, we are ambitiously working on harnessing the potential of our buildings to serve as a solar farm, generating a substantial portion of our electricity needs. This initiative not only aligns with our vision but also significantly alleviates the burden on the Dubai grid, marking a substantial step towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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