It is not uncommon for investors in Dubai’s booming real estate market to buy off-plan property they wish to sell before it is completed. With the right approach, you can sell off-plan property in Dubai, which can be smooth sailing. This guide will walk you through the process step-by-step, equipping you with the knowledge to market and close a deal on your off-plan property successfully.

You’ll learn to price it competitively, find interested buyers, negotiate effectively, and navigate the legal requirements. Whether you’re an individual seller or a real estate agent representing a client, these tips will help maximize your profit and minimize headaches when you sell off-plan property in Dubai before completion.

Understanding Off-Plan Property Sales in Dubai

“Off-plan property” is a term used for real estate that developers sell before it’s finished. People buy these properties based on drawings and digital designs, often cheaper than completed units. In other words, it’s like purchasing a house before it’s built, which can be a good way to save money.

The popularity of off-plan properties

Due to several factors, off-plan properties in Dubai have become increasingly popular in recent years. First, they are sold lower than completed properties since developers can pass on savings from bulk purchasing materials to buyers.

Second, off-plan properties allow buyers to customize fixtures and fittings to their tastes before construction begins.

How off-plan property sales work

With off-plan properties, buyers purchase a property based on a suggested plan before the development has been completed. Payments are made in instalments, with a percentage upfront to confirm the property, followed by successive payments throughout construction. Ownership and the title deed are transferred to the buyer once the full amount has been paid and the property officially registers the sale.

Risks to consider

While off-plan properties can be attractive, there are risks to consider. Construction delays or changes to the original plans are common and may affect completion dates or final property specifications. It is also possible for developers to face financial difficulties, putting your investment at risk if the project stalls or is never completed. The developer should be made aware of any potential risks and legal advice should be sought.

With proper research and an understanding of how off-plan sales work in Dubai, buyers can benefit from more affordable pricing and increased flexibility. Regardless, you must go in with practical expectations about possible delays or changes to minimize risks to your investment.

Understanding off-plan property sales in dubai

Steps to Sell Your Off-Plan Property

Here is a step-by-step process to sell off-plan property in Dubai to understand developer requirements and maximizing your profits:

Obtain the No-Objection Certificate

To sell off-plan property in Dubai before completion, you must obtain a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the developer. This document confirms the developer’s consent to the sale of the unit. Most reputable developers will issue an NOC for a transfer fee. Once you have the NOC, you can proceed to the next steps.

Set an Asking Price and Advertise

With the NOC in hand, you can determine an asking price for your property based on the latest market rates and comparable listings. Engage the services of a real estate brokerage firm to help you advertise and market the listing to potential buyers. They can promote your property on the major real estate portals and their network.

Receive an Offer and Issue Receipts

When you receive an acceptable offer from a buyer, issue official receipts as proof of payments received for the down payment and transfer of ownership. These receipts will be submitted to the developer and required for the new buyer to register the sale.

Sign Contracts to Transfer Ownership

The final step is to sign the necessary contracts to legally transfer ownership of the off-plan property to the new buyer. This typically includes a Transfer of Ownership Agreement and Assignment Agreement. The developer will require copies of these signed contracts to update their records and register the new buyer as the property owner.

With these four steps completed, you would have successfully sold your off-plan property in Dubai before completion. The new owner can then continue paying the instalments to the developer until the unit is ready to be handed over.

Tips to Sell Off-Plan Property Before Completion

To sell off-plan property in Dubai before completion requires strategic planning to maximize your chances of success. Some key considerations include:


Price the property competitively based on current market rates for comparable properties. As an off-plan property, you may need to price 10-15% below the projected post-completion price to account for the risk the buyer is taking and generate strong initial interest.

Payment Plans

Offering attractive payment plans, such as low initial down payments with the balance due on completion, will make the property more appealing to buyers, especially investors. Work with your developer to determine if they will allow such payment plans.


Market the property extensively ahead of launch to build anticipation. Use digital marketing on platforms popular with Dubai property buyers, like Muller & Co. Highlight the building’s amenities, location, and developer to attract interest from investors and end-users alike.

Agent Network

Work with agents and brokers, especially those focused on off-plan sales, to help market and sell the property. Offer competitive commissions and be available to provide them with details and updates on the project to keep them engaged. Their networks and experience selling off-plan property can be invaluable.

With strategic pricing, marketing, and agent partnerships, you can successfully sell your off-plan property in Dubai’s competitive real estate market before completion. However, it would help if you went in with realistic expectations, as there is an inherent risk for buyers in off-plan purchases that may require you to adjust your approach.

Pros of reselling off-plan property

Pros Of Reselling Off-Plan Property

Increased Demand and Higher Prices

Selling off-plan property before completion allows owners to take advantage of the strong interest and demand from buyers during the initial sales phases.

Buyers are often willing to pay premium prices to secure a unit in a new development early. You can expect a higher sales price by selling at this stage versus waiting until after completion when supply increases.

Avoid paying Penalties or Other Charges.

Some developers charge penalties or other fees if owners wish to sell their units after a certain period. You can avoid incurring these charges by selling early in the development cycle. You also avoid paying any service or property charges beyond the initial deposit.

Less Risk

There is inherent risk in any real estate investment, and off-plan property is no exception. However, selling before completion transfers the risk to the new buyer. They assume responsibility for any delays in construction or completion, as well as any changes in the Dubai property market that could impact the value or sales price of the unit. As the original owner, you lock in your profits and exit the investment with less uncertainty.

For the ambitious real estate investor in Dubai looking to make strong returns on their investments, reselling off-plan property before completion can be an attractive and rewarding strategy. With proper due diligence, an in-demand product, and good timing, the pros significantly outweigh the cons. The key is finding the right opportunity and knowing when to enter and exit the market.

How can I attract buyers for my off-plan property in Dubai?

To attract buyers for your off-plan property in Dubai, you can highlight its unique features and amenities, such as its location, views, and proximity to schools, malls, and transportation links. You can also offer incentives such as flexible payment plans, discounts, or furnished options to entice potential buyers.

How long does it take to sell off-plan property in Dubai?

The time it takes to sell off-plan property in Dubai can vary depending on factors such as market conditions, the location and quality of your property, and your marketing efforts. Finding a suitable buyer and completing the sales process may take several weeks to months. However, by using effective marketing strategies and pricing your property competitively, you can expedite the selling process.

Am I Allowed to Sell My Off-Plan Property in Dubai Before Completion?

Yes, as a property buyer or investor in Dubai, you can sell your off-plan properties. However, adhering to the developer’s conditions and criteria is crucial if you intend to sell the unit before it’s completed.

What Are Some of the Top Off-Plan Projects in Dubai?

Renowned developers like Emaar Properties, Nakheel Properties, DAMAC Properties, and Omniyat regularly introduce new apartment and villa projects in the city. Explore these best off-plan developments in Dubai to discover your options.


To sell off-plan property in Dubai before completion requires careful consideration of market conditions and pricing and selecting the right real estate agent to market the property effectively. Be sure to understand the legal requirements around transferring ownership and the fees involved.

With the right approach, you can successfully sell your off-plan property for a good price before completion, but do your research and consult professionals to avoid costly mistakes. Patience and persistence are key to finding the right buyer. If you follow these steps, you’ll be in a strong position to capitalize on the demand for off-plan properties in Dubai.

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