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Respect and compassion are at the core of our interactions with each other and the environment. We are committed to leaving no one behind, ensuring equal opportunities and inclusivity. Even in the face of challenges, we exhibit unwavering determination and resilience, taking the first step and persisting amidst adversity.

In just a decade, we have constructed a remarkable clean, and green city, serving as a testament to our dedication to a sustainable future. Our vibrant community is driven to actively contribute to social and environmental impact, fostering positive change. Through impactful narratives, we inspire transformation in thoughts, emotions, and actions, paving the way for a better tomorrow.

We value diverse perspectives, assembling a collective of problem solvers who envision a brighter future. The World Expo we hosted was the epitome of inclusivity and sustainability, a testament to genuine international cooperation.

Today, we embrace a new purpose—sharing our experiences and knowledge with the world and catalyzing the international exchange of expertise, know-how, and practical solutions. By driving progress and addressing urgent global priorities, we strive to make a lasting impact on our planet and its inhabitants.


fromAED 3,400,000

Expo Dubai Group presents Expo Valley, a luxurious development in Expo City Dubai. You can explore 3 to 5-bedroom villas, duets, and townhouses.
Handover image Q4 - 2025

fromAED 1,300,000

Mangrove Residences in Expo City Dubai presents a range of living options, from 1 to 4-bedroom apartments to 3-bedroom townhouses.
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